My Philadelphia Eagles Are Getting Hosed and the NFL Should Get It Fixed in the Future

Rick Margin
3 min readNov 13, 2023

Hopefully, Taylor Swift’s Real Love (Eagles) Will Come Out On Top!

How can an Eagles fan be upset about anything given that we possess the NFL’s best record of 8–1 as of 11/13/23? And, for the record, Taylor Swift and her family are long time hard core Eagles fans too. So, we have the best record and Taylor Swift’s Philly love!

The Eagles and their future Hall of Fame center Jason Kelce clash with their opponent from last years Super Bowl, the Kansas City Chiefs who possess future Hall of Fame tight end Travis Kelce, Jason’s younger brother and Travis’s person of interest Taylor Swift. She’s on tour in Brazil but has a conveinent hole in her schedule allowing her to make an appearance for what will be a huge audience on Monday Night Football on 11/20/23.

So, here’s the issue. The NFL publishes the schedule in May for the upcoming regular season. Teams have a game against four teams from a division in the opposing conference (AFC or NFC) and four from another division in their own conference. These matchups are determined on a rotating multi-year cycle. Furthermore, teams have an opponent in each of the remaining two same conference divisions based on their record last year. The opponent for the 17th game rotates annually. So, that’s the NFL’s annual formula.

The Philadelphia Eagles have the toughest strength of schedule based on the 2022 win loss record of their 2023 opponents. The teams that Eagles will play in 2023 won 57% of their games in 2022. Another trip to the Super Bowl will be tough on the Birds. But, that’s not my issue.

I never paid much attention to this scheduling approach until this weekends game when I noticed that the Super Bowl winner was given a much less difficult path back to the Super Bowl than the runner up.

Here are the 2023 strength of schedule rankings for each team (combined 2022 record of all 17 opponents, combined winning percentage).

  1. Eagles…161–123–4 (.566)

2. Dolphin…158–127–2 (.554)

3. Patriots…156–128–3 (.549)

T-4. Cowboys…156–128–4 (.549)

T-4. Giants…157–129–2 (.549)

6. Jets…155–129–3 (.545)

7. Bills…155–131–2 (.542)

8. Commanders…153–133–2 (.535)

9. Rams…152–133–3 (.533)

10. Raiders…150–136–2 (.524)

11. Cardinals…148–147–3 (.519)

T-12. Chargers…149–139 (.517)

T-12. Broncos…148–138–2 (.517)

T-12. Seahawks…148–138–2 (.517)

15. 49ers…147–142–0 (.514)

16. Chiefs…147–140 (.512)

17. Bengals…146–140–2 (.510)

18. Bears…143–145–1 (.497)

19. Vikings…143–145 (.497)

20. Lions…143–146 (.495

21. Ravens…138–147–2 (.484)

22. Buccaneers…138–148–2 (.483)

23. Jaguars…135–148–4 (.477)

24. Packers…137–151–1 (.476)

25. Steelers…134–151–2 (.470)

26. Browns…131–154–2 (.460)

27. Panthers…130–157–2 (.453)

28. Titans…127–157–4 (.448)

29. Colts…124–162–2 (.434)

30. Texans…123–163–2 (.431)

31. Saints…122–164–3 (.427)

32. Falcons…119–167–3 (.417)

Let’s be clear — I’m not whining about it being tough to repeat. My issue is how did the Super Bowl winning Kansas City Chiefs end up in the #16 spot?

Here’s an idea. Just like the draft selection order, why can’t the NFL simply rejigger the upcoming season schedule to insure that the Super Bowl winner has the toughest schedule and the runner-up the 2nd most difficult?

Oh well, you gotta play the cards that you’re dealt. So, E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!

Forward my article to all your Eagles friends and contact the NFL office expressing your thoughts at Hopefully, this can be fixed down the line.

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